Tasty treats

Posted on 16 July 2010

  • Since making those pickles a few weeks ago, I am *obsessed* with making pickles. Zucchini may be up next. (MyRecipes)
  • I need help with grilling chicken. Especially after last weekend’s issues. (Bon Appetit)
  • LOVE Chris Kimball! And especially intrigued by Texas sheet cake. (NPR)
  • Also, love easy appetizers. Especially when they are goat-cheesy. (The Kitchn)
  • Sangria recipes. For the lovely Miss Ginger. (Serious Eats)

5 responses to Tasty treats

  • Ginger says:

    My mom always made Texas Sheet Cake(s) for church potlucks and such. It is delicious! Kinda like a brownie but obviously more cake like. The key to a good sheet cake is to have great chocolate frosting. Store bought just won’t do. Must make from scratch.

  • Rebecca says:

    Chris Kimball rocks. The sheet cake looks great – so do the drunken beans.

  • ramya says:

    Santhosh is equally obssessed with Sangria. His favorite recipe

    • allfourburners says:

      We need to have a red sangria taste-off. We can optimize to the best flavor and liquor combination

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