Peach, Yellow Pepper, and Thai Pepper Relish

Posted on 26 August 2010

Peach, yellow pepper, and Thai pepper relish

Remember me?

My latest pastime is to neglect the blog and then to backdate posts to catch up. Because, you see, I am still cooking, but have the galling audacity not to share with you. It’s like blogging, but not actually in real-time.

I promise that I wasn’t taking you for granted, although it may have seemed as though I have been. You see, I have a problem with work-life balance. I also have a problem with overextending myself. I also have a problem with choosing to sleep during the little free time that I have had.

Peach, yellow pepper, and Thai pepper relish

I know this all sounds like a big bunch of baloney. An abundance of rank rationalizations.

But I promise promise promise to be better. Promise.

Also, if groveling doesn’t work (and I suspect it won’t), then this appropriately named “sun” relish may do the trick.

Peach, yellow pepper, and Thai pepper relish

Because there is no way that you could feign indifference after a taste of this irresistible blend of luscious peaches, citrine sweet peppers, and fiery Thai peppers. Whether it’s straight out of the jar, spread on toast, or, best of all, served on a cheese plate. Or, in my case, with a wedge of Camembert and a glass of wine.

It’s happiness in a jar.

Peach, yellow pepper, and Thai pepper relish

Peach, yellow pepper, and Thai pepper relish

Yield: 5 8-ounce jars


6 peaches, peeled, pitted, and chopped
6 sweet yellow pepper, seeded and chopped
4 yellow Thai peppers, chopped
1 lemon, halved
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
2 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons pickling salt


Place peaches, peppers, lemon, and vinegar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, reduce heat and boil gently. uncovered, for 30 minutes or until softened. Mash mixture (not lemon) frequently.
Remove and discard lemon, add sugar and salt. Return to a boil. Cook, uncovered, for 20 minutes or until mixture thickens, stirring frequently.
Remove hot jars from canner and ladle relish into jars within 1/2 inch of rim. Process 10 minutes for half-pint jars.

Adapted from The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving (a.k.a. my new favorite book)

11 responses to Peach, Yellow Pepper, and Thai Pepper Relish

  • Ginger says:

    Looks delish! I am thinking it will be good on a grilled panini sandwich. mmmmmm

    • allfourburners says:

      Good call! Although I would need a panini press.

      But, certainly, some crusty bread and a bit of melty cheese. Yum!

  • Rebecca says:

    Is this the yummy stuff we had with the cheese? Because that was awesome.

    • allfourburners says:

      Yes, same stuff. But I suspect that stuff out of the can (versus the relish we had out of the fridge) will be a better/hotter contrast to the cheese.

  • Betty says:

    Love your pictures of the golden peppers & peaches. Looks tantalizing. I just made a batch of roasted pepper ketchup & what a workout that was. Used my food mill for first time. I’m going to try your ketchup too

    • allfourburners says:

      What are you going to use the roasted pepper ketchup with and why such a workout? I initially tried an immersion blender with the ketchup; then I became impatient and put it in a food processor instead.

  • Vanessa says:

    I have a panini press! – hint, hint 🙂

    • allfourburners says:

      If there’s any left when you come back in 3 weeks, you are welcome to it.

      I kid. I already reserved a jar for you. Plus, I don’t want you to hold my crab chips hostage!

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