Pins of the week: 2012 London Olympics

Posted on 03 August 2012

Admittedly, we don’t watch much Olympics (or any other sports) in our home, but it’s difficult not to get caught up in the excitement of the London Games. Also, the drool-worthy athletes do much to inspire when I am at the gym.

  • I don’t know who this Stasty is, but she has me floored with her lemon-flavored¬†Olympic Torch Cupcakes. Also, her post is charmingly non-American, as in her use of ¬†“colourful” and “caramelised.”
  • Almost as enticing are these Olympic Torch Cupcakes from Hoosier Homemade. She went wrong by making chocolate cupcakes. Egads.
  • Oh wow. Another set of Olympic Torch Cupcakes. You know what? I don’t even need the cupcake; I’m happy with just the buttercream.
  • If cake isn’t your thing, even of the cup variety, then how about some Olympic Torch Ice Cream Cones?
  • How about something for the grownups? Like an adult beverage? Like this Olympic Cocktail? Yes, that sounds about right.

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