Can It Up: Apples Roundup

Posted on 01 November 2012

Caramel Apple Jam from The Ginger Snap Girl

I had a blast this month seeing what you all came up with for October Can It Up: Apples! After encouraging you to be super creative, I was horribly straightforward — albeit thorough — with my contribution. Regardless, my friends will be its happy recipients at the holidays.

With that…let’s see what folks contributed!

Can It Up: Apples Roundup

Branded Apple Preserves from Sugarcrafter


Can It Up: Apples Roundup

Cardamom Apple Cider Butter from Bread Experience


Sound like fun? You should join us in November!

The winner of the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving giveaway is The Ginger Snap Girl! Yay! I will contact you shortly for your mailing address.

Can It Up: Apples Roundup

Apple Sauce from Susan Can Cook

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