Pins of the week: Comfort Food (for Hurricane Sandy)

Posted on 02 November 2012

Pins of the week: Comfort Food (for Hurricane Sandy)

Photo by Brian Birke

I visited my parents in the Baltimore area this weekend, just in time for Hurricane Sandy. Impeccable timing.

Thankfully, central Maryland was spared the brunt of the storm; coastal areas of the state were pounded and the mountains received over 1.5 feet of snow. Personally, I was even luckier because my mother’s house didn’t even lose power. Only a few big branches broke in the backyard — with no permanent damage.

I had some serious comfort food cravings and, judging from Twitter, so did a lot of other folks. One downside was that my mother’s kitchen isn’t well-equipped for me to cook so I was able only to fantasize about what I would make. Pinterest only fueled these daydreams.

  • Pasta is always at the top of my comfort food list. I love that this creamy sweet potato pasta has kale thrown in for good measure. Less sinful?
  • Potato leek soup is a classic for a reason. ‘Nuff said.
  • Matt’s favorite comfort food is beef stew, hands down. In my opinion, it’s only made better with the addition of beer.
  • Chana masala is always comforting with its creamy chickpeas. Yum.
  • Caramel butter bars? Say what now?

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