Can It Up: July

Posted on 01 July 2013

It’s sooooo hot.

Seriously, how was it 95 degrees over the weekend in Belmont? That never happens…except that it did.

Since we don’t have air conditioning, that means that any and all canning plans I may have had were put on hold. We already did an amazing job preserving with cherries in June. I may get back to it on Thursday, when the high is supposed to be only 87. Ugh.

But let’s see what we’ll be preserving with…

Let’s Can It Up!

  • First, review the Can It Up ground rules.
  • During the month of June (that means up to July 31st), please either link your post to this post using the tool below; email me your post or photo; post your post or photo in the Comments section of this post; or tweet your post or a photo using our hashtag #CanItUp. Or you can do all four! I will do a round-up on August 1st.
  • Please mention Can It Up and link back to this post.
  • To include your photo in the monthly roundup post, email it to me by July 31st. It must be at least 670 pixels wide and oriented horizontally (i.e. landscape).
  • Don’t forget that your preserve must be water-bath canned. Read up on water-bath canning.

July’s selected ingredient is berries! Any kind of berry (or berries) should be your preserve’s shining star.

P.S. If you have any questions/feedback/whatever, email me at allfourburners {{at}} gmail {{dot}} com.

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