Can It Up: Oranges Roundup

Posted on 01 May 2014

Can It Up: Oranges Roundup

Rhubarb Orange Ginger Jam from All Four Burners

The heat wave continues!

Today was slightly cooler than it was yesterday, but it was still 84 inside the house when I returned this evening. Thankfully, it ends tomorrow — and we’re on our way to Tahoe (for the 1st time, even though I’ve lived in the Bay Area since 2000), where it is decidedly cooler.

When I preserved this month, the air hung heavy with a heavenly orangey aroma. What a relief it wasn’t during this stretch of unusually hot weather!


The winner of Canning and Preserving for Beginners is Katie R! Hooray! I will email you momentarily for your mailing address.

Now that we’re in the throes of canning season, what will we preserve with during May?

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