Pins of the week: Tomato Fight

Posted on 24 August 2012

Pins of the week: Tomato Fight

Lately, I have been eating tomatoes almost every day. But why are they so damn expensive at the farmers markets in Colorado? I remember that Matt once scored 180 pounds of tomatoes for only $1 per pound.

Alas, those days are over. Also, no normal person should ever buy 180 pounds of anything.

Also, it is questionable whether Matt is normal.

Perhaps I shall buy some tomatoes this weekend and partake of these fine recipes:

  • I may make and freeze vats of this tomato soup to enjoy on frigid days this winter.
  • Also, this tomato sauce with meatballs. Though Matt will have to make the meatballs.
  • But I will enjoy this tomato tart right now. As in, tomorrow. I’m drooling a little in anticipation.

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