Can It Up: Booze Roundup

Posted on 01 January 2013

Can It Up: Booze Roundup

Pomegranate Port Jelly from All Four Burners

I had a lot of leftover booze from a single cocktail party this month. Apparently, my friends like to sample various bottles and abandon the ones that are not very good.

Which works out well for me. Then I don’t feel bad about using the leftover (bad) wine for use in preserves. Bwa ha ha.

What did you guys come up with?




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2 responses to Can It Up: Booze Roundup

  • Hima, your pomegranate port jelly looks and sounds amazing! What a great idea. I was hoping to do something with raspberry and amaretto but time completely got away from me.

    The strawberry champagne jam sounds awesome too! Such creativity.

    Looking forward to January’s featured ingredient. Happy New Year!

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